It will depart from San Diego? PDF 

We have talked a lot about the future of Shawne Merriman in San Diego.Se has been reported that the Chargers had swap talks with three teams, including the New Orleans Saints during the draft. However, talks have died allegedly due to high contract demands made by the employee of Merriman. Linebacker agents has changed since then, and maybe that will reignite negotiations for a possible transfer.

Merriman is a restricted free agent who has not signed his offer qualified. It has, however, been working with the team.

Although a trade could happen, I hope you stay in San Diego Merriman 2010. The Chargers are a good team and Merriman can help them be special.

It is true, has not been the same player he was before a serious knee injury in 2008. But he works hard and is determined to again become important. I think San Diego need to give another chance to see if it regains its status as fearsome pass rusher. Otherwise, it remains a solid player.

If Merriman does not become an impact player in 2010, then San Diego will probably leave as a free agent. If you manage to collect catch in double digits this season, the Chargers may provide it with a long-term contract.

I think there is no reason not to give another season Merriman in San Diego. But ultimately, I believe that this is the last year with the Chargers Merriman.