Oklahoma beat Iowa City line and still win, 52-42 PDF 
Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City area Dawgz went up to the feet with the Iowa Barnstormers on Saturday night in Oklahoma City Cox Convention Center in front of 5415 fans. Fixed game as exciting as last season matchup between the two franchises. Dawgz in order to protect and lead in the first half of the games ever made and secure the 52-42 victory over Barnstormers came.
Barnstormers for the first time the council with a yard quarterback by landing his ship was Ryan. Dawgz answered: right back with 14 yards of landing Tommy Grady passed to Timon Marshall. To them in the future, Barnstormers parade off the field came when vessels were tapping Dawgz defense fell back, Fred Shaw. Shaw stole the ball and landing has sprinted 50 meters for the Dawgz lead 14-7.
Barnstormers was a threat to score at the start of the second quarter, David Hyland and forced to fumble run back Rodney Filer improvement to the ball in hand behind the crime Dawgz. Dawgz thriller circulating letters and the implementation of other landing zones, 2 yard rush by Chad Cook. The Dawgz are up to 21-7. Wide receiver Jesse Schmidt vessel area decreased 5 way Dawgz lead to 21-14. The thriller defensive intensity and confusion by Grady Charles Johnson, was discovered lineman. Only after three matches, in connection with the vessel by Larry Kendrick to tie the game at 21. With half a second to come close, Grady Jerel Myers for a 13 yard score to lead Dawgz, 28-21 is.
Dawgz get the ball until the second half to start and continue about 8 minutes to drive, leading to 23 yard field goal by Michael Salerno, leading to increased Dawgz 10. Kendrick connection with the vessel continued on 18 landing site is received. This leads to cutting Dawgz 3, 31-28.
Fourth quarter appears to be a fight crimes. First, Grady Marshall, on 22 landing site was found passed. Vessel than for his landing Kendrick 3 night and watched. Grady has a goal in his next big score, tight end Jeremy Ashcraft. Schmidt vessel after the Barnstormers game. Next, Grady Marshall for his landing was the third night. Dawgz, 10, had the ball with the Barnstormers: 56 remain in the game. Barnstormers relocated to the ball Dawgz 3 yard line, but in his next game, was fired vessel for 7 MK site loss by Bruce and Dustin Barno. In the next game, Schmidt vessel to look for the score, but the ball by defensive back Sergio Gilliam yard Dawgz each seal the win 52-42 Dawgz.
After the game, team president Sparky McEwen comment, "which to this day one of our greatest victories. We have the next chapter, where we said, many of our ball club. Us love in the middle of the play offs race and really control our own destiny, I feel that we started to peak at the right time .. "
Dawgz, now three games in a row and won, a trip to Cleveland, Ohio in the Gladiators next Saturday, July 17 lives in Loans Arena. Applications is 07:05 (CET) will be held.