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Right bending, high, low, inside. 32 Hammer, X-pole!

Appeals football game is a confusing jumble of words and numbers. An appeal play is a foreign language at all but the players and coaches who have spent time learning the language of football. After all, you can not go to the mall and buy a Rosetta Stone program to learn the language of the game called football. But a man's love of the sport of football is based on "the call to play." Make thousands of calls to play. All recorded on a tape ...


Billy Barnhill lives his life in the dark. In place of the hearing focused on how things feel, sound and smell. Barnhill, however, considers himself lucky.

"I was born blind, said," You can not lose what you never had. "

When I was five and six surgeries, the doctors gave him up in the eyes of Barnhill. His love for football, but is born.

"I do not know much about the game of football and really could care less," Barnhill said, "But my family and I went to the football games my brother's high school Friday night."

After a student has explained the rules to Barnhill, her mind began to run. The crowd noise, sound players, the announcer's voice of the Palestinian Authority and the night wind against your skin got Billy in sport.

He studied the game and began to follow the star-studded team to North Carolina State football. In 1961, there was a breakthrough.

A pre-season football league game between the Dallas Texans and the San Diego Chargers were distributed and presented players mic'd.

"That's what has really gone wild. I said, 'they need to give me more, give more,'" said Barnhill.

Barnhill memorized almost all calls to play. He imagined the wide receiver routes, covering defenders and openings in the quarter.

The following year, Barnhill, in fact, has more. The Sanctuary microphones 1962 gives players a choice.

"They said, 'We have a special feature, the southeast district is dressed in a micro-electronics, so you can hear the call to play in the caucus." I went crazy in this area. Therefore, each time the game came sanctuary, I still listen because it would be mic'd up. "


It was a sunny Tuesday in October of 1974 Barnhill remembers well.

"People ask," How do you know that the weather was cloudy, Billy? "Well, I have not felt the warmth of the sun," said Barnhill.

Nervous, Barnhill outside the practice of setting the pace NC State with the help of his cane. Barnhill was introduced to the legendary NC State football coach, Lou Holtz at the YMCA a few days.

"I was at the YMCA and I recognized the voice of Lou Holtz. We shook hands and began to speak. He told me how to call plays at NC State. He said:" I'll tell you one thing, Billy. Maybe someday I will practice and tell me what you think of it, "said Barnhill.

Carefully Barnhill has made its way into the training center and sat on a bench near the field. Before the team could break through the water, Holtz found Barnhill.

"[Holtz] invited me and told the team," this man has been blind all his life. He knows everything about football and want to hear what happens in the caucus. Please do not run on it, "Holtz looked at me and said," I tell you what Billy, you just stand there and not move! We'll run over you. "I heard Johnny Evans and Dave Buckey calling plays in the assembly and then I got a tape recorder to practice," said Barnhill.

Day after day, Barnhill recorded game calls and emulate at home.

Flex right, top to bottom, inside. 32 Hammer, X-pole. "So the quarterback will not be in the caucus," law of bending, high floor in the interior. Hammer 32, X-pole. The one by one, ready, break! "Shouted Barnhill.

Year after year, Barnhill has been invited to the bench for practice. When Holtz left to coach the New York Jets, the newly hired coach Bo Rein, Barnhill called in the huddle. When the left kidney, Monte Kiffin called Barnhill on the caucus.

Barnhill football knowledge increased significantly. After a short head coach Kiffin relay with NC State, Tom Reed took over and Barnhill invited to assist the coach in a football field with the recipients of passes. The legendary coach Jim Tressel, who took a job as head coach at Youngstown State coaching Barnhill heard and invited him to help the quarterbacks coach at a camp in 1989.

"[The coaches and I] went into the theater before the players. They play the movie and I remember everything he said. Then, the neighborhood saw the movie. I could retell the story back to them. His eyes got out of his head. How can a blind man telling a football movie? "said Barnhill.

Over the years, Barnhill head and the tape is filled with calls to play. So, several coaches Barnhill called to ask to speak to him privately.

"Let me make something clear," Barnhill recalled telling a coach. "I want to clear the two sides do not give you anything or something you have rules that I pass. I will follow."


Barnhill was found in 1987 when the game is really exciting. James F. Promoting the shape of the Arena Football League on the back of a manila envelope and wanted to give fans the highest connection. For its part, the Arena Football League gave some Barnhill that the NFL and college football does not. The AFL and its players mic'd calls were there to play around the world, and heard Barnhill.

"I can hear John Dutton, the old town of San Jose Sabercats say now," right turn, 50, 5-9-5, one by one, ready, break! "Shouted Barnhill.

At that time, Barnhill had no cable TV installed in your home.

"I paid about $ 300 to run a line into my room to listen to all Arena Football. This is how I wanted," he said.

Barnhill fanatically followed by the Arena Football League in his first year at home after year.

"I liked the shortstop and the fast pace. Some results are as a basketball game, highest score," said Barnhill.

In 2009, the Arena Football League took a break for a year.

"There goes my cigarette!" Barnhill barked, "I believe that my cigarette Arena Football" soccer ". If you get some Arena Football, I have withdrawal symptoms. 2009 was terrible!"

He turned to the Diamond Football League, an organization minor league football in Delaware. Barnhill has been appointed regional commissioner and was inducted into the Hall of Fame minor league football at the end of the year (the same Hall of Fame as the Tampa Bay Storm coach Tim Marcum, Director).

In 2010, the AFL came back and "withdrawal" Barnhill has disappeared.

"My biggest inspiration is football," Barnhill said, "You have to work very hard to get what they achieve and not cheap."

Now met with the sport he loves, Barnhill lives in Angier, North Carolina with his wife Peggy. He has been married for almost 14 years and recently retired from Raleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind. At the clinic, cardboard boxes shaped pillows Barnhill they were sent to the army and navy. That old record may also be removed, but still Barnhill use technology to keep in touch with the game he loves. Barnhill using a screen reader called JAWS special talks, which allows research football, surfing the web and send emails.