Kyle Rowley named 2010 ArenaBowl MVP PDF 

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Spokane Shock quarterback Kyle Rowley has won two championships, named ArenaBowl MVP in 2010 and he wrote in the logbook of the AFL, but the road to the Ivy League graduate had many twists and turns.

Damage to his junior year in high school, Rowley has been a high level Division I school is not an option. So when Rowley was hired the first day of football camp at Brown University, who took the opportunity to play. Starting at quarterback for one year, Rowley managed to break school records in a single season.

After graduating from Brown with a degree in Visual Arts, Rowley surprised everyone when he decided to continue his football career.

"When I graduated, many people expected me to go out and start making money," said Rowley, "but I just started sending tapes. Do not get a good overview of the NFL, so I sent some teams AFL and AF2. "

Rowley began practicing with a team af2 two hours at his home in Rhode Island, Connecticut. Mohegan Wolves need a quarter of the practice squad after two shifts were injured in midseason. Although Rowley has signed a waiver of two days, had his first vision of Arena Football.

"I went to a game, and I said" wow ". It was one of those shots and then I said I was going to play Arena Football. It was incredible. I said," are not running the ball on 3rd down and 3? "That's great," said Rowley.

After several months of sending the tapes, Rowley received a formal appeal of the Charleston Swamp Foxes. Rowley packed his things and moved 900 miles to compete for the position of starting quarterback in South Carolina.

"The difficulty of Arena Football for the kids just entering their college diploma and organic does not guarantee that you will be a good football player scene. It was so hard to break only in the starting line, because you never know how the guys pan out, "said Rowley.

In Charleston, Rowley was limited playing time during games and was quickly changed to Columbus, Georgia Wardog. Finally, he took the starting position and met new coach, Bob Keefe, who also played for the Wardog at that time. Rowley stay in Columbus for a while and continued to bounce around the AF2, playing for seven teams in five years only.

"I tried to win a championship in the AF2. The goal was to play in the AFL, and had great success in statistical terms," said Rowley. "I thought if we had the best offense in the league, and not adopted by the AFL, and then win a championship will do. "

Rowley had the opportunity after being traded to Spokane in Bossier in 2006. Spokane was 6-2 when Rowley arrived and was looking for fourth start fresh. On July 8, 2006, Spokane was for two touchdowns at halftime against Albany. Rowley has played the last half of the game and got the job of starting quarterback.

"I went and ended up winning the game. I've never looked back from there. We went undefeated and won the ArenaCup," said Rowley.

With the ArenaCup Championship, Rowley had his chance to play in the AFL. In 2007, Rowley was recovered in the AFL, playing only three games as a starter. For the 2008 season, annulled the AF2 Rowley, playing as quarterback for Arkansas Twisters. Rowley has continued to lead the af2 statistically, that in both total yards on offense, passing completion percentage and touchdowns during the 2008 season.