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Former AFL player and coach Jon Norris has been named Vice President and General Manager of New Orleans Voodoo resurrected. Norris, who has joined the Arena Football League since its inception in 1987, was promoted to the front office and just a day after the return Voodoo Voodoo announced at a press conference at the New Orleans Arena New Orleans, Louisiana.

"I feel very honored and excited about this career move for me," Norris said. "I love this game and I always knew that there should be a time when you want to move from the countryside to the office. The day has come and I'm looking forward to the challenges associated with this position."

Asked about the decision, the team owner Dan Newman said: "I am very excited about Jon moves from a position of General Manager of New Orleans voodoo. I know for a long time one day, Jon would be a man before amazing office who bring a business and football operations. Jon has a personality to draw fans and business buildrelationships Magic and all of southern Louisiana area. "

AFL commissioner Jerry Kurz said: "Anyone who knows Jon Norris knows what kind of person he is and how much impact it makes on a holiday in the city. Jon is a phenomenal person and a magnetic personality. It will be an excellent ambassador in voodoo New Orleans and the city of New Orleans AFL. I can not imagine anyone wanting to do a better job with this team and this city, as Jon Norris. "

Jon Norris was the last head coach now-defunct Shreveport-Bossier Battle Wings, the team back-to-back Southeast Division Championship in 2008 and 2009 af2.Voodoo 2011 Season tickets are on sale.

Jason COFFEL Vice President of Operations said: "We have frozen prices for season tickets to the Voodoo to their level of 2008. And for a limited time, buyers when paid for game of the season 8-ninth game receives a free ticket. " (AFL increased its schedule of 16-18 games in 2011 which added a home game). Tickets or more information please call 1-888-277-5526.