Cat Scratchin' Game Talk with Courtney George
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
  The Team Ready to Win for Themselves and Their Coach

The Florida Firecats talk about their desire to win and not just to get to the finals, but to win the Cup.  It's a Championship that means alot to their leading man, head coach Ben Bennett. He has been in or participated in 5 finals with 3 diffrent teams but has never won the coveted Championship.  I talked to him today about it and he said it's like knives being twisted everytime the issue comes up. Alrighty then, having said that has he ever had a team that has broken as many team and league records as this years squad has, Ummm.. NO!
   So finally is this the year Ben Bennett will get the Cup he so admires, well talking to the players on his team they all say he deserves it, and his desire to win pushes them every day. His energy and determination to make these guys the team he knows they are and to push them to play 100 percent every down is what has gotten the Firecats this far. Yet, the season has been long and the team is beat up and overall worn out.
    What would they need to win it all? Well winning this weekend and earning that first round bye would be a godsend. The team could heal and focus on the task at hand. I truely think that if the Cats can win this weekend and give the Vipers the loss they so deserve (esp after the antics they started when the 2 teams met earlier this season) then the Firecats will be the team to beat, not Cape Fear not Birmingham but our FLORIDA FIRECATS.
   They finally have gotten the right mental edge and attitude add in the 100 points they have beaten the last 3 teams by and they are in a class by themselves, and lets hope they can keep it that way.
    Congrats on the great job so far this season and good Luck this weekend.

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