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Monday, June 28, 2004
  Firecats Lose 2 in a row, but still break a few records

The Firecats actually made a 2-9 team playing like a 2-9 team look good Saturday night. The game started on a strong note, Anthony Snead caught the first touchdown putting the Cats up. But the best part about that score was the fact that Snead lead Macon last year and him gut punching the Knights right after the kickoff was a great thing to see, but sadly after halftime the Firecats we are use to watching perform in Germain Arena were no where to be seen.

What is happening, the team loses to Cape Fear, who I have to say with Birmingham may be the teams to beat this year. Then they lose to the Macon Knights, who were more shocked about winning then the Cats were about losing Saturday night.

In the final minutes Ken Mastrole, the Cat's main QB, who has taken every snap this year got injured. The Knights hit him from behind and he sprained his ankle, he left the game right before the end. Leaving the team in the hands of one of the newest Cats Chris Wallace.

To Sum up the game, Hummmmmm. I am not sure what to say except the team did not play to their ability. Routes were not run right, players were not covering their guys and our defense was about 2 steps behind catching their men most of the second half... leaving Macon with the opening the team needed to play a moderate game and catch up and then win.

I know the guys can play better, they know they can, the coach knows they can... why why why has the team been performing the way they have the last 2 weeks, but lets all hope all the guys catch up on missed sleep and ice all their injuries and come back like the Firecats we know and love to watch win.

Birmingham will bring their A game in 2 weeks to Germain and it looks to be a real Dog Fight if both teams play up to their talent.

That will be THE pivotal game for Florida. They win and I bet they make a great playoff run, they lose and I think its time to go back to the drawing board.

2 Positive notes from Saturday. Ken Mastrole, broke 2 team records and Steve Gorrie is now 5th overall in the indoor game as far as rushing. Congrats to both of them for their outstanding achievements during such a off night of Florida football.

Enjoy your rest week guys and come back ready to play Birmingham.
Good Luck
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