Cat Scratchin' Game Talk with Courtney George
Monday, June 21, 2004
  Winning Steak Ends.

The Firecats almost pull out the miracle last second win in Cape Fear, but its not in the cards.

The Cats were upset by Cape Fear in Cape Fear, which is funny when you consider Florida never lost in Cape Fear before and Cape Fear never lost in Florida, too bad that trend did not continue Saturday.

The big issue DEFENSE... Defense wins ball games. In no other arena does that rule hold true than the indoor game. The indoor game by nature is a game ruled by Defense, one strategic defensive stop can make or break a game and Saturday the Cats just could not stop the advance of Cape Fear. One or Two more key defensive stops, or even sacs could have made the difference. But hindsight is 20/20. (and I also was not actually at the game, so I have to go by a radio broadcast, so I am gentle with my criticism)

Also you do have to look at the calls, that never seemed to fall on Cape Fear as much as Florida. The Ref's definitely have some blame in making this game harder for Florida to come back from.

In records, Steve Gorrie with 40 yards on 4 carries and a TD moves into 6th overall rushing. Give him 3-4 more games and he may break the record books wide open. Congrats to him.

Lets all cross our fingers the Ref's get a clue this coming weekend and that homefield will help our Cats get back to their winning ways and the Defense will be UNSTOPPABLE.

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