Cat Scratchin' Game Talk with Courtney George
Monday, June 14, 2004
  Firecats Send Columbus Home with a Big LOSS!!
The Florida Firecats lead by Quincy Sorell (on the Def. side) and Ken Mastrole's Stellar performance on the offensive side, took care of business Saturday night.

Players telling me after the game, it could of been worse for Columbus. Commenting that they played alright, but they still are not totally happy. Some players saying they have clicked, gelled and now they need to excel.

If you were in Germain Arena on Saturday you would of thought that was what they were doing. Minus a Steve Gorrie Fumble and a few Offsides flags, the game was not one you could really pick apart in a Negative tone.

The 7-3 start to this season is the best in franchise history, and you can tell this years group wants to go all the way, no more loses will be accepted.

As soon as the game ended almost every player coming off the field asked us all 1 question, "Did Birmingham Lose?"... why is that important, well because it means these players are playing for the number 1 spot, they want another shot at Birmingham, and will soon get it. But bigger than that it shows the players are looking at the bigger picture, not who wins and or loses tonight but who is leading the league, which teams will they have to beat, and which ones won't they. Who could they see in the Championship game and who won't they. The attitude and the time the guys are taking to follow every team and all the standings shows me one thing.

THIS TEAM WANTS TO WIN, AND NO ONE WILL STAND IN THERE WAY!!! That is if they can keep playing with the intensity and dedication they are now. 
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