Cat Scratchin' Game Talk with Courtney George
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
  The Cats Looking Good for Beating Memphis

The Florida Firecats had an overall GREAT team performace last weekend. The squad passing the time and ball around the best they have all year.

Ken Mastrole was 10 for 115 and 4 TD's, Snead had 27 yards and 2 TD's, Benton accounted for 23 yards a 1 TD, and game standout Canion Lamb had 3 catches for 47yards. Even the LB's got in on the action Chris Morant had 6 yards and a TD, and Steve Gorrie grabbed 17 yards on 8 carries.

That is what you can call a total team effort, the Firecats using all their weapons for the first time correctly for an entire game. That equaled their 53-30 win over Tenn. Valley.

This coming weekend they return home for the first home game in a month. The Cats will host the Memphis Explorers, who they barely got by earlier this year in Memphis. The team won by only 3 points in a hard fought early season game.

Memphis comes to TECO lead by QB Brian Jones, who is coming off a stellar performance last week. Jones had 298 yards and 6 TD's. That performance lead Memphis to beat Bakersfield. Also they have a very talented OS in Kevin Prentiss. Prentiss has returned 6 kickoffs for TD's so far this season alone. He is a guy the Firecats will have to contain to secure a win.

I think if you compare Prentiss to Lamb, you have a tight even race for which player is more important to the overall success of their team. If the Firecats can pass the time, ball and opportunitites around this coming weekend at home the way the Cats did in T. Valley last weekend we should trample Memphis.

One big strike may be the loss of LB Steve Gorrie, the MAC linebacker may have injured his knee last weekend which could leave him on the bench not on the field. Gorrie is a member of the team that gets the entire team pumped up and fans alike. He is a fan favorite and a very entergetic player who's energy helps keep the team going all game long.

If Gorrie is not able to play the cats rushing game will take a big hit, I'd look for an all or moslty air game come saturday if that is the case.

I think the fact the Cats are back home and coming off such a big time win over the Vipers, that momentum should carry them into this weekends matchup and allow the team to get on top and stay there come Saturday.

I am excited about the ability to see a game and not write about road games I was not able to attend. Seeing is believeing and we all know a game looks alot diffrent on paper and sounds alot diffrent over the radio then it really was or is in person.

So get your tickets and head to TECO Saturday and see the team in action. Up close and personal. 
Sunday, May 23, 2004
  Finally the Firecats play like Cats on Fire!!

The Cats in Tennessee Valley Saturday night. The team entered that game, never have beaten the Vipers EVER....esp in their house. Well it is safe to say our Firecats were not considered the Favorite, but when has what others thought ever mattered to our Cats. The team "clicked" and handed Tenn Valley a huge loss in their house.

All the guys posted great numbers and the team returned to Florida with a new sense of self and vigor they tell me... Some players adding that was what they needed, to see what they could do and get a win like Saturday under their belt heading into the second half of the season.

I will be reviewing game notes and talking to the rest of the team early this week and will write more then.

Till then congrats to each and every Firecat, you guys pulled together and pulled out a very impressive win.

Congrats and keep up the good work and focus, Florida needs to continue their Winning ways!!!

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