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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
  The Firecats Continue their Winning Ways!

The Florida Firecats made themselves at home in Columbus, GA last Saturday. Handing the Wardogs their 4th loss of the season.

Comone Fisher got a blocked field goal and Brent Burnside had a crucial interception, to help the Firecats stay on top of the Wardogs. In the first half it was a competitive struggle, but after the half Mastrole and his men finally got it all working and working well. The Cats held Columbus to 12 points.

This week will be the BIG test. The Firecats have to get past the Steeldogs to secure the Number One spot in the division. Birmingham has a solid grip right now leading Florida who is sitting in the number 2 spot. If Florida can pull out a win they would secure the top spot by winning the tie breaker game.

Defense is a key for the Cat's who had the best Defense in the league, but last week were minus Victor Hall, and this week Dante Booker left for the CFL. Meaning, this weekend a few new faces will be hitting the Firecats line and it will be interesting to see how that effects the line strenth overall.

The attitude of the team seems to be a good one, they tell me they have figured out how to play together and also what they are capable of doing. The players have gotten the taste of victory and like it. Look for them all to bring 110% this weekend and to give Birmingham's 2 capable QB's a few hits to write home about. Also if they can shut down Detronn Harris, the cats should be able to shut down Birmingham.

Having said that, this will be a hard hitting, quick game. Birmingham is a very fast and very athletic-capable squad. The Firecats are going to have to show up in shape mentally and physically. If they "click", which Coach Bennett tells me means- "his team does not play stupid" they should be able to hand Birmingham a BIG loss at their house....Lets all hope thats the way it happens.

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