Cat Scratchin' Game Talk with Courtney George
Sunday, April 25, 2004
  Cat Scratcher Player Spotlight
This week instead of dwelling on the loss this past weekend I thought I’d spotlight a player. I selected Steve Gorrie this time around.

Gorrie has been giving his 110% every game and every practice. He lead the team with 11 yards rushing this past Saturday and took out Cape Fear’s QB early in the game. Gorrie hit Chad Degrenier so hard he was completely "out to lunch" for more than a few minutes and when he came to, he had to be escorted off the field. I spoke to QB Degrenier later and he said he decided to retire after taking that hit, he said he was done with football. Now that is a collect call-home kinda tackle. If you were not at the game it was a clean and legal hit. I'd say it was one of the hardest QB hits I've seen in the AF2 in a few years.

Gorrie is not the biggest guy on the team nor the most outspoken. He is built like a medium size truck but hits like a Mack. His energy on the field can be felt in the back rows. Yet he is not an outlandish kind of person or player. He is focused and driven toward one goal. He wants to be part of a winning team, and to advance his own skills while helping his teammates bring home win after win. Yet, this season his plan is not going as he planned. The team is 1-2 and his numbers are not as high as he would like, even though he leads the team in rushing and the AF2 overall right now as well. He has 70 yards rushing, averaging 4.4 yards a carry and has recorded 2 TD’s so far.

At 30 years of age, Steve Gorrie, has been around the NFL, AFL and now AF2. He understands the game and what it takes to play and win. All trash talking aside he knows its what you do on the field “game in and game out, day in and day out in practice that makes you a “real” player and team play maker”.

Gorrie is a man I think people should keep an eye on, his ability and drive I am sure will only grow as the season continues, look for big things from this guy.

As far as Saturday’s loss, the team seemed out of sync overall. Connecting on throws and executing plays the way they were called did not seem to come with ease. It looked like a frustrated effort and at times their focus seemed to be off.

As a person watching from the sidelines, I was frustrated at what I was watching. This year’s team has sooo much talent and some very good players that have the ability to be GREAT. It is upsetting to see all that natural skill and talent not fuse together and make a well-oiled machine.

If this group of guys can find a way to mesh and play as one unit and not as individual players who make plays when given the chance, I think we will have a force to be reckoned with here in Southwest Florida.

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