Cat Scratchin' Game Talk with Courtney George
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
  -First Loss gets players attention!-

Watching the Florida Firecats walk out of their film room Monday night, one thing was evident. They were not happy or satisfied. Whatever Coach Bennett said to his players behind closed doors during the tape session got through to the guys. Head's were low and faces concentrated and focused as they walked out of TECO and returned home. Coach Bennett gave them something to think about and I am guessing each one an assignment... step up and play like I know you can. Granted that's just a guess on my part.
Talking with QB Ken Mastrole after the meeting, he told me they were angry, they were not happy at all with the way they had played this past weekend in Memphis.
He commented this is the week, actually every week is THE week in this league. Adding you can't begin to lose close games early. The beginning of the season is key to securing your position and securing your teams chemistry.
I have to say the way the players and coaches reacted to watching the tape they know what went wrong and what they have to do to fix it. The issue is can they do it.... the Firecats feel they can, they don't like the way they felt coming back to Southwest Florida and they don't want to feel that way again this weekend. Sometimes the best motivation is a good old fashion close call beating, that leaves you on the wrong side of the winning score, its that gut feeling that can drive players to succeed.
So what to look for this in this weeks game. First off Ken Mastrole working hard to avoid getting leveled or even touched, he does not want any more picks, after being tagged or not!!
I'd say the energy and attitude of this team will be at a much higher level this week, even more so than for the opening game. WHY? Because they have something to fight for, the number one seat in their division, which they feel they are capable of being week in -week out.
-Courtney George
ABC 7 Sports Director 
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