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Monday, April 12, 2004
  The Firecats Blaze by the Battlewings!
The Florida Firecats got a big WIN this past Saturday when they beat the Bossier City Battlewings.
The game looked to be a blowout early in the second half after Mastrole found Anthony Snead, for his only TD, to give the Firecats a 33-17 lead. The battlewings did battle back to make it a close game in the forth but Florida was not about to lose this years season opener as they nailed in one last touchdown and held control of the game till the end to ensure the Battlewings would have a lot to think about on the road trip back home.
One player had to of needed an icepack for the return drive, Sherard Poteet. The Battlewings quarterback took a beating from the start of the game on, Quincy Sorell and Chris Morant introduced themselves to the veteran quarterback more than a few times. The introductions were the kind that leave a QB asking where did the ball go and where am I again?
I’d say this years defensive players are “sac/pressure attack” masters. The multiple “friendly” introductions left poteet throwing less than accurate passes for a majority of the second half. If this defense can keep there sac numbers up consistently, the competition may have to take a lot of time trying to prepare new ways to protect their quarterbacks as the season continues.
Cainion Lamb the returning AF2 receiver had a stellar performance grabbing 5 touchdowns and he was very close other times and the ball was just out of reach. Lamb is making a case for himself in respect to being one of the top receivers in the AF2 for sure.
Anthony Snead also a very talented and quick receiver ,the Firecats acquired from Macon, got ample time and grabbed a touchdown himself. I have to believe that Snead and Lamb will help each other succeed this season putting pressure on each other to keep racking up the points. The advantage lamb has right now is that he has been with Bennett before and knows his system and also he has played with Mastrole and they have a good chemistry and understanding of each other. Snead I feel will soon find that same kind of connection and these two will be a AF2 duo for teams to fear.
Magic Benton another strong force on Florida is one of three four-year players for the Firecats and he continues to improve and help the team succeed. Saturday he put up good numbers.
One major point of contention and worry for the cats was the performance of 3 year returning kicker Brandon Kornblue. He missed 2 field goals and was 2 of 5 on extra points, making Coach Bennett opt for a two- point conversion instead of a extra point in the later portion of the game, which worked.
Kornblue is a very talented kicker and his opening day performance was unusual for the veteran kicker who has been a stable and dependable part of the Firecats organization for the past 3 years. I hope this was just a case of needing to knock the rust off his leg and he’ll be back to championship style kicking next week when they meet Memphis.
Overall TECO arena was filled with fans and the team gave all in attendance a good game with lots of hard hits and great end zone catches. Now that the first game is in the books and the team has gotten their playing feet wet I think we should expect to only see better things from the Firecats as the season progresses and the team begins to really gel as a unit. The talent is there and the chemistry appears to be right, only time will tell, but if you’re a Florida fan you should feel good about this year’s possibility.
-Courtney George
ABC 7 Sports Director
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